Cold Sheets.

Today won't last.
We may as well not even...
Let it start.

Lets let the heavens take their course.
We'll lay here in bed;
Enjoy the warmth we've created here-
Underneath it all,
Here we are.
And I'd rather do nothing for today,
Since night will throw it all away,
But you're by my side.

Skip my day.
Just to have us both here.
You losing me in your deep eyes,
Me keeping you safe from the cold air,
But you leave
Your day begins to call you out
And any excuse we make
Just won't save you from this-
Not from this room, this bliss,
Where you're by my side.

A kiss goodbye.
It's all I have to survive,
Until you come back home.
And as you run out into the day,
I hesitate to tune in to what's around me
Fearing the obvious emptiness that comes,
Oh no, cause it's that one thing...
That one thing Time can make,
That one thing I can't shake,
When you're not by my side.

So take me.
Time, have your way with us.
I'll be here waiting.
Come and get me cause I'm alone.
Cold now, in sheets that once held my world.
But the warmth touches my hand
And I've forgotten how the day had gone,
But I somehow trumped Time's game,
As you stand in the door frame...
Now you're by my side,
She says,