Ms. Moments, Repair Me.

The cold is outside.
The same's in my room.
The shame's in my soul.
Its a shame through and through.
When I step out to the wind
The chill comes from within
And I've set my eyes to close-
Just for a few moments of Those

Those moments to see her today.
For living this way
Makes a void that will stay
And hoping just can't cure what she could.
All the days I wish I could trade
Because right now I'm afraid
Of the mistakes that we made
Taking up more time than they Should.

'Should' just never seems fit.
Have we waited too long...
(Has Time dealt His cards?)
We've giving Him much way too much credit.
Another day we've gone missing.
I just cannot stand it.
(Does she miss me as well?)
So I'll pick up some pieces and work for a bit.

We have excuses that are stupid..
We are scared and for what..
We all never get it..
Are we all out of luck..
Cause he dances with fire
As she cares for his name.
But how does it all work?
I know it's not just a game.

We figure out people, but no, never ourselves.
We try out new masks, to keep on our shelves.
We display what we want, but never for keeps.
We have a desire inside us, always too weak.

So the life that we live-
Considered only a moment-
Will we spend it in love
Or a long, drug out torment?

I want to make this Moment, one I won't regret;

If it takes starting again, then I won't hesitate.
I've waited these years, too long to forfeit,
Yes, it hurts my pride,
But what good will that do?
If the only thing it does
Is hurt me and you..