Timid Plea

this alabaster stare
a fragile feel of want
a look of care
what i think i want
i think i may see in you...

not the outer shell
facade sways me lightly
inside is the tell
shows me who you really are
reminds me who i want to be.

nerves take your rest
i want to trust, never have i
happiness is best
will you hold on tightly too
help contain my anxious heart!

a beautiful inhibition
beckons my heart to reach out
a single condition
would forever be long enough
for me to wait for your heart?

air in your presence
intoxication, i don't want escape
something perfect to me
all respect i'll always give you
before myself, please always be.

smile such illumination
let your laugh always ring out
know no boundaries
can i try to be your everything?
in a way no one else could have, or ever be.