Timid Plea

this alabaster stare
a fragile feel of want
a look of care
what i think i want
i think i may see in you...

not the outer shell
facade sways me lightly
inside is the tell
shows me who you really are
reminds me who i want to be.

nerves take your rest
i want to trust, never have i
happiness is best
will you hold on tightly too
help contain my anxious heart!

a beautiful inhibition
beckons my heart to reach out
a single condition
would forever be long enough
for me to wait for your heart?

air in your presence
intoxication, i don't want escape
something perfect to me
all respect i'll always give you
before myself, please always be.

smile such illumination
let your laugh always ring out
know no boundaries
can i try to be your everything?
in a way no one else could have, or ever be.


Let It Go

Let it go.
Let it go.
Look at what it's done to you-
Let it go.
Let it go.
Look at what they've made you into-
Let it go.
Hold on close.
Not to me, but to yourself-
Don't let go.
Become more.
Someday you'll be the only one who's left.

There are habits
There are choices.
There's the quiet
There's the voices.
There's stay still
There's quickly move.
Tell me which one,
Woman! are you.

I let it go.
I let it go.
Look at what I have become-
I let it go.
I let it go.
Look at what all has been won-
I let it go.
No looking back.
Wishing not to be bereft-
Held on strong.
Grew into more.
Now I depend only on my trusted self .

There's a quitter.
There's a victor.
There's the stable.
There's the shifter.
There's the fake
There are truths.
Tell me which one,
Woman! are you.

Why is it now that you learn and not stay?
Oh Day Star, you shine so bright to me..
You never get anywhere by running away
Just let it rest, just let it rest, just let it be..

Welcome One and All!

Welcome one and all to the world!
I’m really glad you could make it!
Join the crowd- Here’s your mask-
Wear it with pride, or at least fake it

Join in on all the the lines
Here's where we're all so unique
In that we’re the same
Pretty simple, don’t you think?

Wear this! Not that!
C'mon! All this conforming is really fun!
That’s how you make friends-
Who whisper about what all you’ve done

You can have anything your heart desires!
Just take whatever you think is nice
Beg for, plead, or steal it
Someone else will pay the price!

Use your body!  Use your charm!
Lure in others with your disguise
There's nothing here to worry about
The blood on your hands is the other guy's!

Because it's all about today!
Don't you dare stop to think twice!
Just put other people on the line
To shed blood for your fun and vice!

You literally sicken me to death
With your little game of cat and mouse
But hey, it's what your trained to do
I want no more part of this madhouse...

The show is at its constant climax
I jumped off stage, waiting to go home
And as I walk away, all I have to say
Is "No wonder you always feel alone."



Eyes behind a dark hair veil
A smile, a laugh, blink slow-
Cause I can barely tell
Is this meant for me?  A glimpse into eternity?
A hope in my heart grows from frailty
Because from days to daydreams about what could be
To reach in my pocket, the change could be
Enough to offer your hand,
I'll take the wheel!
I'll find a way to make this work,
To make this real
There was just something behind that veil..

There's just something in your gaze,
That let's me become who I am.
I'd willing become a runaway in a maze
Striving as long as I possibly can.
Just to be able to stay with you awhile..

It came upon me, a frightening surprise
Fingers move the veil, I turn the fool,
Falling far into your green eyes
Whose thoughts behind say I follow every rule
Maybe- And possibly,
You may see some stability, in me,
But please baby, if I can even say that name,
I could wage my will to lose
Against your love to gain-
What a pleasant trap!
What a perfect game!
Will you come along with me and we'll play..

There's just something in your gaze,
That let's me become who I am.
I'd willing become a runaway in a maze
Striving as long as I possibly can.
Just to be able to stay with you awhile..

So will the twenty dollar bill in my pocket
And quarter tank of gas enough to drop it
Drop it all on this chance-
A low profiled romance
A shot in the dark I think I'd like to take
The unexpected joy to become a mistake
Though one I'd happily make
Make just for you.
I'd just like to see what it is that we could do,
Who it is we could become
For a day to become a runaway
A runaway passion to n'er come undone..


Warmer Days

The mailbox is cold and empty.
The wind blows the leaves by my feet.
I hope for a warm day to come my way,
Or at least a new old soul to meet.

Bad things happen to good people.
I'm sorry I happened to you.
When no one's to blame in a long losing game,
It's quite hard to not feel so blue.

I'm kicking the cans down the sidewalk.
The future seems alone and bleak.
Thinking positively just does so little for me,
Knowing another is who you will seek.

But the sun always shines in the morning.
A new day to roll over into.
And with family beside, I have nothing to hide,
Each step into the future is new.

The pain that we feel isn't easy.
Things just didn't work out our way.
But the new life that's to come is in the hands of the One,
Who guides us and creates each day.