Warmer Days

The mailbox is cold and empty.
The wind blows the leaves by my feet.
I hope for a warm day to come my way,
Or at least a new old soul to meet.

Bad things happen to good people.
I'm sorry I happened to you.
When no one's to blame in a long losing game,
It's quite hard to not feel so blue.

I'm kicking the cans down the sidewalk.
The future seems alone and bleak.
Thinking positively just does so little for me,
Knowing another is who you will seek.

But the sun always shines in the morning.
A new day to roll over into.
And with family beside, I have nothing to hide,
Each step into the future is new.

The pain that we feel isn't easy.
Things just didn't work out our way.
But the new life that's to come is in the hands of the One,
Who guides us and creates each day.


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