Serenade for This Sinner

Too early this morning I woke up from a dream.
So heavy my head, cause I knew not what it means.
A shadowed world of dark trees, and Light without sun,
I walked the shaded ground to find absolutely no one.
There's rivers and lakes, and a breeze that fills my soul
And unfamiliar creatures walk around with no roles.
They all run away
When I go up to see
And in the reflection of the river,
I see what it's like to be me.
I see I'm not perfect.
I see I'm not free.
I've known all this before,
But cleansing is hard, but the key.

So I'm Cain and I'm Able.
I've got two left hands.
I've got one leg with no foot,
So it's impossible to stand.
I can pick myself up,
Just to get knocked back down.
But getting up is what matters
To learn for the next time around.

The land is dark now, but there's only hope to be had,
The Light from Above reminds there's no point to stay sad.
And there seems no escape from the forest I'm in,
But I continue to hobble, fall, and get back up again.
Continuing to hope and struggle down a lonely road
A path hard for us all, a terrible burdening load.
The wrongs of this walk are made by us all,
What we do with our shades after
Is what defines why we fall.
I see things I've done.
I see how I've changed.
I know I'm forgiven.
And that He pulls off my chains.

So now I'm guilty and I'm forgiven.
I'm a hero with no power.
Pressured with no force,
I create my own coward.
I just seek forgiveness,
Guilt will still seem to stay,
But realizing I'm forgiven-
Reminds me we all have a purpose
Each and every day.