The Sea, The Sand, and She

It's not surprising for the ocean
To see countless waves go by.
It's not a mystery to the crashing waves
To push the sands of the rising tide.
However, when the sky does grows dim
And the sun goes down to hide,
The moon awakes to make the white wash waves
And bring light of times I tried.

It's not surprising for others around
To see me laugh and having fun.
It's not a mystery for my father
To hear me sad and come undone.
However, it's obvious, at least, to me
At the setting of the sun
The mistakes I've made throughout the day
And the things I should have done.

But I hope it's not surprising
For you to know I am sorry.
And I hope it's not a mystery
To see you make me happy.
And I pray it's obvious to you,
As the horizon atop the sea,
That the stumbles and tumbles that we seem to make
Won't change what you mean to me.