Hollow Council.

Old man of words;
Speak to me.
Tell me of things I have not seen.
Your eyes cast in sorrow,
Filled with tears
For a world that will never be clean.
Nothing left for tomorrow.

Old man of wisdom;
Educate me.
Tell me of theories I'd never conceive.
Your brow is tired of thinking,
Wrought with concepts
From dreary lessons you hate to believe.
Simply tired of teaching.

Old man of  visions;
Enlighten me.
Tell me of places I will never see.
Your feet are worn from travel,
Dark with soil
From numerous journeys of mystery.
Nothing left to marvel.

Old man of power;
Strengthen me.
Tell me of battles I could not weather.
Your body scarred from war,
Red with blood
From enemies darkened by terror.
Survival is never sure.

Old men of counsel;
Listen now to me.
I tell you of someone you've forgot.
Her lesson drenched in joy,
Filled with hope
For those who give her voice a shot.
Nothing about her is coy.

Oh lady of love;
Adore us again.
Help us find the gift we cannot grow.
Your heart unconditionally steady
Filled with anticipation
To make us happier than we'll ever know.
Happier and ever ready.