Forget It and Rest.

The simple seconds of the day,
Simply seem to slip away..
And every second that I waste
Reminds me of my past mistakes.
But steering clear to cleaner roads
Does nothing, really, but erode.
This single soul I have to sell
That tries to sleep in this empty shell.
My housing flesh I seem to hold
Yet time continues to wax it old.
The growing pains I'll never shake
Until the day the morning breaks.
And I'll be gone to another shore
Where I'll sleep forevermore.
There wasted time will never fade
Because a day cannot be made.
The clock will not tick out an hour
There all time will have no power.

And there,
At home,
I may finally rest...
A place,
Where there's a hope
Where there's a way,
Where there's a place my heart can stay.
Where I can look all in their eyes,
And while I cry, just apologize,
Praying that while I'm away,
There will be a place where I can stay
A place called home
A place called peace
A place were my soul can be released
A haven where I can lay my head,
A place we are all forgiven,
With nothing needing to be said.