The Sky in Her Eyes

The sky is grey, but it doesn't affect your day.
Everyone is crying, but all your doing is sighing,
Cause where you are and where you wanna be
Are two completely different things...

But there are crosses and butterflies, when somebody dies.
Yet you have no fears, amongst the graves and tears,
Cause what's going on around you isn't where you are
And you’re smiling at me in the rain.

I know where you are.
Stay there.

You're in our own world,
And you're in my eyes.
It's like flying without wings
In the endless skies.

So I reach up to you as we're falling;
And I see you smiling as we soar through what seems like forever...
And the air here is thin.
We breathe eachother's exhale
Knowing that the warmth in our lungs
Is only there because we have each other.

And now we close our eyes,
So the next thing that we see,
As we fall through the skies,
Is each other in weightless eternity.