Welcome One and All!

Welcome one and all to the world!
I’m really glad you could make it!
Join the crowd- Here’s your mask-
Wear it with pride, or at least fake it

Join in on all the the lines
Here's where we're all so unique
In that we’re the same
Pretty simple, don’t you think?

Wear this! Not that!
C'mon! All this conforming is really fun!
That’s how you make friends-
Who whisper about what all you’ve done

You can have anything your heart desires!
Just take whatever you think is nice
Beg for, plead, or steal it
Someone else will pay the price!

Use your body!  Use your charm!
Lure in others with your disguise
There's nothing here to worry about
The blood on your hands is the other guy's!

Because it's all about today!
Don't you dare stop to think twice!
Just put other people on the line
To shed blood for your fun and vice!

You literally sicken me to death
With your little game of cat and mouse
But hey, it's what your trained to do
I want no more part of this madhouse...

The show is at its constant climax
I jumped off stage, waiting to go home
And as I walk away, all I have to say
Is "No wonder you always feel alone."


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