Eternal Media

In the videos of "EPIC" and "The Machine is Us/ing Us," we see the advancing process of media in today's world and how it effects each and every one of us.

In "The Machine is Us/ing Us" we see how media advances and how it is constantly changing. The Internet, especially, undertakes constant changes so that it can envelop as many people to become its users as possible. The convenience of the Internet in everyday life is invaluable to its users. It becomes an expected commodity in making life easier in the aspect of paying bills, finding information, keeping in touch with others, and many other things that enable Internet users to prioritize the Internet into a vital part of their lives. The Internet was developed exactly for this purpose. The easier it becomes, the more welcoming it becomes to all people across the world. Searches find alternative or related searches, similar to the tactics of grocery store candy racks that are setup at the checkout lines. New types of bill paying encourage us to pay bills online, the alternative being for us to drive down to the payment offices, using time and gas, whereas we could have just stayed at home. In time, I believe that this will change business altogether. The convenience of the Internet, while it is convenient, could quite possibly cancel out actual social interaction totally. The future of media will give us no reason to leave our homes at all. We will be able to order food, pay bills, work, and go to school all from the convenience of our computer desks.

The “EPIC” video plays its part in the outlook of the future by showing the consolidation of all online media groups into one, monopolizing player that will take over the game completely. All people who choose to use the Internet will not be able to help but become a part of this big machine. The events that take place in the “EPIC” video do not shock me at all. I believe that events similar to those portrayed could easily become true in the near future.

Combining the results of these two videos concludes in the idea that sometime in the future, online media will not only be the most convenient and most widely utilized way to live, but it will also be controlled by one major corporation. This corporation will be suggesting different ways for us to live as well as knowing where we have been online and the things that we have purchased.
I guess I will conclude here before delving too far into how this would effect government and listing all the different ways this concept becomes frightening. This is the way I must say that I see the path of future media taking the ways that it will effect our futures as media consumers.


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