Sweet Carolina,
Ooh, my sweet… sweet Carolina
Why don't you—
Come back,
Down to Virginia…
Sweet Carolina,
Ohh, my sweet… sweet Carolina
Your missed and—
I'm still waiting here
For you.
Oh my sweetest Carolina
Why don't you—
Please come back,
Down to Georgia,
Baby there's,
Someone waiting, just—
Waiting here to understand
Ooh, my sweet… darling Carolina
Why don't you—
Come back,
Down to, Mississippi
Baby there's,
Me, my mind, my heart, my arms
Baby, there open—oh
So wide open for you.
Ooh, my sweet… dear Carolina
Why don't you—
Please, please just,
Come back,
Down over to Texas.
Baby, I'm—
Gunna do what I can to,
Try to understand you, but—
Baby, you gotta see,
Ooh, Carolina, please see that
We both just aren't that easy to understand!
Oh, my sweet… my Carolina!
You make NO sense—no…
No sense to me at all.
And listen there's,
Many things, oh many, many things I—
That I just need to figure out
Oh, it about me, and you, and us
Ooh Carolina,
Please baby, just—let it all just,
Just let it all come to me
Just let it all pour into me.
Ooh, my sweet… precious Carolina
Why don't you—
Come back down into my mind
You're the—
You are the peace and understanding
The willingness and contentment that I,
Oh, right now, that I need so badly.
Ooh sweetest Carolina,
I need the clarity you are
Before I—
Yes, before I can
Do anything,
Anything at all,
Cause Carolina I—
Ooh my sweet… Carolina, I,
Don't know myself at all…

Ooh, my sweet… holy Carolina
You are—
Something I cannot see, but—
I must have faith in you, oh
That you will,
Come down to me.
Why don't you come down from,
From your holy haven.
Give me the comfort,
Oh, that you know I need.
Ooh, my sweet… peaceful Carolina
My arms, mind, and heart are still—
Yes, still,
Open waiting for you.
Please, oh please, Carolina
Please, tell your Father,
Oh sweet, Carolina,
That I need you and I'll take care of you…


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