the night is young
as the clock strikes 1
and here i lay

nothing is a distraction
from your satisfaction
but i'm afraid this is a

i stare at the ground
as i echo your sound
no matter it real or it

your image is still the link
to sadly making me think
how much more i can

im struck by you somehow
though it matters not now
because what was left in the

so ill try to stay away
keep what this is at bay
and be happy with what's left to

but how...?
the slightest sight of her sets my soul to screaming and simply steals the stagnant breath straining to survive my exhale..
she leaves simply the stars to shine in the streamless leftovers of space,
the lingering light from the limitless moon..
i walk out.
i look up.
i am breathless.
i am struck.

i close my eyes to the light of Night's lamp,
let the cold take me.
let the dark shake me.
let the memories break me.
let my exhaling breath remind me that
even though you are not mine nor near
i can still breathe.

yet now,
the decisions i've weighed..
with the mistakes i've made...
if i'd only known what was at

because the price that i pay
that made you walk and not stay...
is the thought that keeps me struck, sad, and wanting to


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