Self Aware.

Have I really been gone this whole time,
I've been waiting
Where did you go to this- this moment.

I've been looking around for a long time,
I've been searching
Where did all this time just- just go to.

It seems like I've been passing by forever,
I've been watching
Where are all the sight and- and sounds.

I feel like forever and seconds are alike,
I'm losing touch
Moments and Millennia seem the- the same.

I've become something infinite and breaking,
I've seen nothing
I've seen absolutely everything I- I could.

I can't seem to grip onto my existence,
I've lost it
I can feel everything flying by- by me.

I am everywhere though I know to be lost,
I cannot tell
I've never felt this before. I am- I'm confused.

Where am I?

I... I feel like I've been gone this whole time...
Why have I been waiting?


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