Cairncross Predictions

Okay, so lets expand on some of Ms. Cairncross' predictions:
Regarding #5: More Customized Content
I think that this prediction has already come true in the form of eBay and Amazon.com. Basically, I can order anything (literally almost anything), pay for it with a debit card or a versatile Visa card, and have it sent to anywhere I want. Even with the "B side" to the prediction, I can sell anything that I own over the Internet and if someone buys it, I just ship it to wherever they tell me to... after they pay, of course.
Regarding #11: Increased Mobility
Already we are seeing that wireless forms of communications are taking over the communication markets. I know people who have cancelled their home phone usage due to the fact that everyone in the house uses their cellphones rather than picking up the house phone. Computers are now able to connect wirelessly to the Internet making it possible to have all computers in a household run off one single, main router. The range of wireless signal for laptops has grown tremendously. Verizon Wireless (and possibly other companies as well) is now offering a wireless card that has the capability to deliver high-speed wireless Internet to any laptops with the card that are in range of their towers. Even cellphones have Internet capability now and the programs necessary to communicate with PC users via Instant Messengers. Static communications is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Regarding #28: Improved Writing and Reading Skills
Once again, I must say that this prediction is already taking form. The Internet is such a huge medium that aspiring writers and curious readers have an infinite amount of space to do whatever suits their likes. Writers can blog for the readers to consume. E-mails and Instant Messages are taking the places of phone conversations, giving the communicators more experience having to spell words out on-screen rather than just talking. I think that this time that people are using typing is incoherently improving spelling and, in cases, writing as well. I believe it is also true that those who are not improving their writing styles and their spelling are falling to the wayside because it makes people either struggle to make out their message or don't bother to read it due to how unprofessional it is.


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