A Blog of Importance to Me.

The blog that I have chosen to link from my blog is in fact my own older brother's Blogger account.


The reason why I chose it and think that is revolutionary is because it gives me a link to my brother, Josh, even though I live in Moss Bluff and he lives in Baton Rouge. We don't even have to actually start a conversation for us to be able to see what is going on in the other persons life.
I also think that it is revolutionary because it gives other people that know me a chance to "know" my brother and vice versa.
I can see how my brother is doing in life by his writing style. He writes alot of poetry stuff and lyrical whatnots. I know he does it and am used to it so I can get an understanding of it in relation to him.
I know he can see that about me too. Even though most of the things I blog about are fairly pointless and ridiculous, he knows (or should by now) that thats just how I am. I guess he would know that by posting jibberish and things of great unimportance that I'm doing just fine. If I were to post some of the lyrics (I'd rather not call them 'poems') that I write, he would know that I am having feelings about something and try to get in touch.

And still in a revolutionary way, we would just talk over AIM if we 'sensed' something was awry...
Real caring of us.

There we go,
See everyone in class!


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