One fell so that the idea would never fall.

KaZaa, a P2P file-sharing program, gives millions of users billions of files to freely share all over the world. The users love it, the entertainment industry hates it. Claiming it robs wealthy Hollywood superstars and rockstars millions and billions of dollars, while giving middle class, working people a chance to get something for free in this life. KaZaa gives its users the opportunity to find songs that aren't sold anymore, in another country, or that one hit from an album-- saving them from having to go spend $20 on the whole cd, not knowing if it is even any good.

The original Napster having been shut down for these same reasons, KaZaa had its head on the chopping block as well for quite a while. However, as the article spoke of, with KaZaa's different company components separated across the world in extremely convenient locations, the entertainment industry could not get what was needed to conduct a successful court case against them.

So the question is this: what is the solution to the file-sharing issue? How is it stopped?
Simple: it won't be. Even if KaZaa is stopped, there will be BearShare. When BearShare has been stopped, there is still LimeWire. After LimeWire, users still have Warez. Warez gets hit? Go to Ares. After Ares, try out bitTorrent. The list goes on and on. While Napster has been shut down and reopened as a "pay as you download" program, it has become the "what not to do" example for programming new file-sharing systems that people will remember when creating new P2P programs. One fell so that the idea would never fall. The problem will never be stopped. Users will always find a way to continue to get what they want and I honestly don't believe that entertainment lawyers will ever find what they need to stop it.

To get an idea as to how many different file-sharing programs you have to choose from (not to mention the different versions of each one), give these websites a look:
Two great places for all your P2P needs.
All free.

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