A Morning in March

we both think we're right.
we both know we're wrong.
what's the point in our bickering
that goes on so long?

our ways are so different
but we're both so alike
but we fail to understand this
in the middle of our strife.

we both want what's best.
we just want it right now
we're just both not agreeing
to try to figure out how.

i don't have enough patience
you don't quite think things through
we're too busy pointing the finger
instead of realizing what is true.

what's true is that its trifle.
its never worth the mess
we don't learn from our mistakes
to help us avoid all the rest.

we make our own battles
but a war takes its course
and the end always kills us
and then we're dead in remorse.

we do not know each other
thats what rains in on our season
and whenever we are fighting
we don't realize that is the reason

well i know how i am
and i want to know you
and i want you to know
that i am truly thinking this through

the little fights are never worth it.
no, not even ones of this kind
lets please put this behind us
and stop wasting our precious time.

cause when i say i love you
its something thats true
and i dont want to lose you
cause of the things that i do

and the mistakes that we make
will happen from time to time
but i want you realize that i'm yours
and i want you to be mine.


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