Dear Georgia.

Dear Georgia,This place is not what I dreamed
Dear Georgia,
I hope you see what I mean..
This place and all these people,
They just aren't what they seem.
I want to go back to the place,
The place where it was you and me...
Cause Dear Georgia,
I hope you know I'm sorry.

Dear Georgia,
This place is full of cruelty.
Dear Georgia,
I've seen it dealt to others and to me
But I can't say I'm just a victim,
Cause I'm part of the guilty party,
But the place where I came from
The arms I'd find forgive everyone
Cause Dear Georgia,
Back home is where I need to be.

Dear Georgia,
I packed and left everything so soon
Dear Georgia,
Has all that I've left gone to ruin?
Are my footprints still there to see?
The years I've been gone are history
I didn't know what I've leave behind
Chunks of my life, a waste of time...
But Dear Georgia,
I'm coming home to say I'm sorry.


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