Heard 'Round the World

In this instance
There's a distance
Just a glance from your eyes,
Is like a paralyzing strike,
But a surely pleasant surprise.
Yet now I'm a hostage
Hung from the high bridge
Your eyes contain nothing but voltage,
I cant catch my breath!
Like the time
We combined
In clasping hold outside the airline
It was the embrace heard 'round the world...
Now suddenly you're not that same girl
For in your sudden ethereal attack,
From which I won't be coming back,
I heard no alibi
Nor reason why
You failed,
When I tried.
So I laughed,
When you cried
And it all fell apart
And it died.
You expected so much and no compromise..
Cause all I wanted was a small promise
That you'd be my accomplice
And tear this old town down
From the suburbs to downtown
Flying free with no law-
We could just run around
But you took that old painting
Blew the dust off from static cling
And turned what we had
Into some worthless form of nothing,
A frozen misrepresentation of a dynamic fling.
Because you never saw
That I wanted to give you everything
Every place we turned.
Every which way.
Every second I drew breath.
But now there's nothing... left but a new pain and regret
To wake up to
Every single day.


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