There's no corner to run and hide in...
No refuge raised up to climb...
This place is now a battleground-
And it's killing time!
My feet are solid.
My stance is firm.
Bullets flying by my eyes,
My target is confirmed.

There's no way you can break me.
No explosion set off can shake me.
Because this place is a battleground
And now!
It's fighting time!

The skies are split back,
With the deepest, darkest lies.
My enemy doth surround me,
With their hateful battle cries.
And although I am alone and mangled,
Go rally your destructive brigade
Because the terror that I'm going to wreck
Will be unheard of for this age!

No soldiers left alive are perfect
And I can't yell over your gun blasts,
So forgive me when I've failed you
But your bullets fly too fast!
My wounds are open
My blood is drained
Your bullets pierce the heart,
But my fervor will still remain.

There's no way you can break me.
No weapon you wield will shake me.
Because this place is a battleground
And now!
It's charging time!

And I gave you all this time
And every time you ran away.
But time has come to turning,
And I think it's better off this way.
My presence is overwhelming.
My gun is locked and loaded.
My firearms and fired eyes
Will bring up life from my explosions.

So saddle up your horses
Come on!  It's time to ride!
I'm tired of you backing down,
Stay in the corner where you hide!
You'll be waiting for my cavalry
But this time, I doubt I'll come for you
I'm tired of wasting time
Now that I have nothing left to lose.

There's no way you can break me
No artillery you fire will shake me
Because this place is a battleground
And now!
It's riding time!

I'm not scared at all.
This warrior's ready to die.
I strike up more than simple fear,
And it's warring time!
Everything about me is a warzone, ready to implode!
It is a littered minefield, set it off, watch me explode!
But I charge past the traps-
To lash out with everything
Against the two faced and too fake
Who can't resolve anything.
My strategy is flawless.
My attack is severe.
And it's about to become obvious
Which side is winning here.

Because there is no way you can break me.
I will not falter.
Because nothing you can do will shake me.
I will not back down.
Because this place is a battleground.
I will fight 'til my death.
And now!
Here is where I make my stand.
It's finally time.
It is only Victory that I demand.


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