Dear My God,
May I always remember You in times like these.
You pick me up every. single. time.
May I never think that I can solve all with ease.
Your forgiveness is. pure. strength.
May I never have to break to call out Your name.
Your grace is something I. cant. grasp.
May my sins remind me that I am the one to blame.
Your mercy renders the. entire. universe.
May I be equipped in You when in time of attack.
Your holiness brings me to. my. knees.
May Your Light and the angels not turn their back.
Your presence alone would absorb. my soul.
May Your forgiveness be my unyielding addiction.
Your spoken Name creates. and. destroys.
May these truths been seen as my unworthy benediction.
Your love for me I don't understand. or. grasp.
Dear My Lord,
Never let me forget Your power.
Never let me forget Your glory.
Never let me forget Your honor.
Never let me forget Your story.

Let a single drop, I pray,
Of Your Son's blood, today,
Strike my head and trickle down
My filth struck body, but before the ground,
May I swipe it up to touch another
To spread Your story, before I am put under.



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