Striving for a Star.

I've seen planets divide
Shooting stars that collide
And places where men have not seen.
I've seen galaxies folding
And black holes closing
But I never can seem to get clean.
Because I want to be shown
Where angels cannot roam
I've given up labor for flavor and lust.
Surpassing what makes people die.
When confused if Life's worth the try.
I've lost all intentions to find someone to trust...

But as time passes on
And the old worlds have gone,
And all these new stars appear;
You can go on forever
Holding my heart as your treasure
Standing guard against all that you fear.
Because I can't explain why,
No matter the manner I try,
The feeling cuts through my heart like a knife,
And no matter how you may cause me pain,
Somehow this fact will still remain,
That I will love you the rest of my life.

So whether we only stay friends
Or together in Life's how we end,
I promise I'm nothing for you to fear...
No matter the pain you may cause,
I know that you have flaws,
So know that I'll always be near.
And I really want you to know,
No matter which way Life may go
I'll never forget how you look, sound, and feel
For the bright colors you've made,
In my life full of grey shade,
Creates a perfect picture that's always real..


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