Desired Love Unwanted

Here I am.
Here I stand,
A single man, a simple soul.
Here I breathe.
Here I see,
An abounding love, out of control.

There you are.
There you shine,
One of beauty, one so defined.
There you watch.
There you stay,
Unable to love, unable to find.

Here I am.
There I was,
I was waiting, I was wanting.
Here you are.
There you were,
You were disgusted, You were unwilling.

My soul fell.
My heart broke.
Was it lies? You didn't care...
Took for yourself.
Took it all.
Scoffed my love, You weren't fair.

Time has passed.
Time is now,
A new day, wrong dawn, sad future.
One where you cry.
One where I sigh,
And pray you regret your change into this creature.


Here I am.
Here I stand,
A man alone, a soul degraded
Where I long.
Where I wonder,
Waiting for you, My love unfaded...


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