I am no Job.

Days like these pull me under
Days like today make me want to tear my skin asunder
To rip it down into the insides
To see what makes me tick
And find the gears that rot me fowl
That make me feel so sick.

Days like these bear a heavy load
Days like these make me want to scream until my lungs explode
To let go of that last gasp of air
To feel collapse inside my chest
And find the black thick that filled me up
That makes me feel of emptiness

I want it gone
So take it please
I want life like theirs
A life of peace
I know there's trials
I face them now
I just want to wake up
And be able to smile somehow
I feel a plague
Deep in my skin
It takes me over
All day from within
Is "truly happy" hard to find
Why can't I find it
And just make it mine

Days like these I hardly find Light
Days like these make me wonder why I continue to fight
To let it happen without a doubt
To let it simply go and let it be
And find the purpose that I need to start
That gives the Builder all of me


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