Please read this first.
And maybe this.

A stronger son I've always been
Among my brothers and my kin
Destined for power I've always known
Not sadden in who is to be overthrown
And dare that I may have to say
The Underworld is the only way
For he deserves what he has given
Thrown sons away to the darkest prison
So in my sins, I take no pride
But now my father is by my side
And a sickle, then, in mine other hand
Yet it is his life that they demand
And with no counteroffer of any worth
He will now regret even my day of birth
For he tyrants over all things that grow
My sisters, brothers, and all I know
So in ambush then I must plan to act
And once begun, I cannot retract
So a mournful echo and resounding ring
I found my weapon that I did swing
On the side of my father next to me
My joyful Mother, I see, sits happily
What once made my father fit to be
I cast it out now into the depths of the sea
And his blood does spill onto the earth
Bringing up strange creatures of new birth
Sighs in saddess, Mother falls to her knees
Regarding my choice of my first decrees
In banishing back to where once they were
She speaks of a time beknowst to her
"So as the son his Father overcame,
Your son too will conquer you to reign"
I've heard her cry so I shall prepare
To devour mine so that I have no heir
My wife then brings them as they are born
In doing so she has become torn
But today her cries has no saddened tone
How odd that this one tastes like stone...


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